Capital Asset Bubble Engineering

by Anonymous

An Economic Weapon of Mass Destruction in the Arsenal of the Ruling Plutocracy

The intellectual prostitutes who occupy certain University "chairs" in the "Science" of "Economics" — "chairs" endowed by the donations, and the tax-exempt foundations, of the 'Meta-Nazi', 'Rocke-Nazi', ruling plutocracy — in turning their "tricks" for their employers, propound models of markets in which each buyer in a given capital asset market represents an "infinitesimal" — an "infinitely small" — portion of the buying power in that market.

Based upon such — "infinitely" unrealistic — "models", these intellectual prostitutes tell you that no single buyer can have any effect whatsoever upon the "equilibrium" price of any capital asset which that buyer buys, as a result of that purchase.

In reality, each actual capital asset buyer represents a finite share of the buying power within each actual capital asset market in which that buyer buys.

As the "lawful" evolution of the social system of capital continues — as the accumulation of capital-value ensues — competition increasingly becomes successful competition [for the surviving capitals], which therefore increasingly becomes oligopoly and monopoly ownership of the economy [and thereby, also, becomes the plutocracy's ownership of an increasingly prostituted political state].

Predominating finite shares of capital asset market potential purchasing power — dwarfing those of all other market participants — thereby accumulate in ever fewer hands; in the hands of certain single plutocratic families, and of other plutocratic entities.


symbol12 The ruling, 'Rocke-Nazi' faction of the capitalist plutocracy, using its massive concentrations of wealth, via a 'reverse money laundering' disguise of the unitary source of the deployed funds, can, by issuing massive numbers and currency-amounts of buy orders for a given class of capital assets, via a vast number of independent broker-agents, drive capital asset price inflation in a given capital-asset market.

Then, later, by issuing massive numbers and currency-amounts of sell orders, also disguised, through a vast number of independent broker-agents, as to their unitary origin, they can induce a catastrophic deflation in the capital-asset prices of that same capital market.

They profit in the process, but, mainly, they destroy the targeted capital asset class, eliminating the 'econo-political power' of that potential rival, by thereby enabling these 'Rocke-Nazi' perpetrators to subsequently send in their "carpetbaggers", to buy-out control of the targeted, bankrupted capital assets for "pennies on the dollar".

This is especially true if the targeted capital asset class is the currency of a given nation, and if other agents of the 'Rocke-Nazis' had offered seductive terms to their targeted companies in that nation, and/or, to the state of that given nation, for loans denominated in U. S. dollars, loans that require pay-back in U. S. dollars.

A loan nominally contracted at, say, a 10% interest rate when that nation's currency price is, say, on a one-to-one par with the U. S. dollar, becomes a 50% interest rate, after the 'Rocke-Nazi'-induced bubble bursts, and that nation's currency price plummets to, say, a 5-to-1 relationship to the U.S. dollar.

Hypothesized Targets of Recent-past/Current 'Rocke-Nazi' '''Bubble Engineering''' Hit-jobs

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