Fusion Breakthrough

by Anonymous

Hypothesis A

Specifically, that upward leap in the growth of the productive forces that would result from the implementation of Hydrogen-Boron, direct-conversion, radioactivity-less nuclear fusion electricity generators; economical, sea-coast fusion-desalination/irrigation/ocean-solution-mining plants; elemental "fusion-torch" recycling plants, etc., is ESSENTIAL to a transition to a communist, or political-economic-democratic, society; to enabling a DECENT standard of living for the majority of the human species — not to supply a decadent capitalist hyper-consumerism to all, which they do not want, or need, but to produce the basic necessities of a humane material life — by and for a majority of humanity which now suffers under the most abject and dehumanizing privation.

Hypothesis B

In general, the growth of the human-social forces of production — of the life-creative, human-wealth-creative, self-powers of the human social individual, and of the human-social totality, within the rest of nature, as an outgrowth of nature, and as [the 'meristemal'] part of nature — is the primary project of human liberation.

Hypothesis C

This project cannot be a conscious, deliberate collective project within the entire span of "human prehistory" [Marx], which prehistory only ends with the emergence of humanity from its capital-value-form. Before that emergence, this project is part of the "cunning" of the collective species-unconscious. Specifically, under the capital-value-form, it is not pursued, collectively, consciously as such, but only indirectly, in the form of the pursuit of transitory "super-profit" opportunities by the personifications of the capital-relation, via the increase of labor productivity to reduce the unit cost of commodity output, which, upon deeper analysis, is revealed as the pursuit of rising rates of relative surplus-value.

For individuals outside the class of capital-personification, the development of "technology", and the choice of "technology", appears as alien, as an affair of capital and its engineering, etc., employees, from which the wage-working population is excluded, or it even appears, to impressionistic empiricists, in an illusory manner, as an autonomous development, outside of any human control.

"Technology" develops as fixed capital — as an objectification and materialization of THE CAPITAL-RELATION itself; "technology as capital"; "capital as a technology" — and therefore in a manner which is disfigured, deformed, and perverted with respect to the designs of a communist political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, aiming at the production of SOCIAL use-value/SOCIAL negentropy.

Only within an emergent post-capitalist, post-pre-historic, communist society — a political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY — can the expansion of humanity's self-expansive, self-creative, self-reproductive powers become a conscious project — a matter of democratic deliberation and of collective-conscious design.

Hypothesis D

The development of the human social forces of human society [[self-]re-]production organizes itself into epochs — which only complexly correspond to the epochs of the human-social relations of production — and which epochs each center upon the accession to, and the appropriation of, deeper, earlier-to-emerge layers of nature by the human species, in the form of the different, successive epochs of ENERGY [re-]SOURCES. This progression of energy [re]sources appropriation by humanity takes the form of an inverse recapitulation of the dialectic of nature — of a reverse revisitation of the self-progression of the levels of self-organization of nature.

Thus, the human appropriation of nature progresses, cumulatively and inclusively, from the appropriation of human-social energy [collective labor, as in coordinated group hunting], to the appropriation of animal-social energy [e.g., herding, and, later, animal domestication], to that of the [eukaryotic] multicellular energy of human and animal bodies in labor [as in the "harnessing", or "yoking" of horse-body — and of human-body — to plow], to that of eukaryotic-cellular energy [e.g., composting, leather tanning, yeast-based "daily bread"; other food production and preservation via bacterial fermentation — chocolates, buttermilks, sour creams, sauerkrauts, yogurts, kefirs, beers, wines, pickles, vinegars, tofus, etc.], and, later, to that of prokaryotic-cellular energy [e.g., sewage processing — sewage treatment ponds, septic tanks — etc; later [hybrids]: methane digesters; antibiotics-production and other medicines-production via "biotechnology", petroleum spill digestion, metal prospecting and mining, etc.], to that of molecular energy [of chemically-bonded atoms' electron outer-orbitals; via Oxygen-combustion of organic and inorganic chemical structures — deceased plant matter ["wood", etc.], cow chips, peats, coals, mineral oils, natural gases, etc.], to that of atomic-nucleus power [nuclear fission; nuclear fusion, or ionized-Hydrogen/protonic power, thus on the borderline with "sub-atomic power"], and [predictively] on to that of sub-atomic energy, thence on to that of sub-nuclear energy, etc.

Please note that the concept of '''energy''' invoked above is not the reductionist concept of "energy" common in modern science, but a non-reductionist concept of '''energy''', '''negentropy''', or '''organization-maintaining/expanding activity''', which acknowledges the ontological differences distinguishing the 'auto-kinetic' propensities of the different, successive, nested, '''natural-history historically-specific''', and «aufheben»-related layers of natural self-formation, and the qualitatively differing consequences thereof.

Hypothesis E

Given this principle and pattern of progression of the energy-basis, and nature-appropriation-deepening basis, of the growth of the human social-reproductive forces, fusion — that is, nucleus/sub-atomic energy appropriation — is the expected/predicted next accomplishment in the productive-forces/energy resources progress of humankind.


  1. As of November of 2005, the basic physics for a [non-linear/non-equilibrium/non-tokamak] practical, small-scale, up-or-down-scalable, low cost, no-radioactivity, direct-conversion [no steam] fusion-power-based electricity generator was solved, and readiness was achieved to begin a five-year engineering development of a demonstration power-plant.

  2. The work was achieved after an eleven-year effort by a small team led by Dr. Robert Bussard.

  3. It was Dr. Bussard who [co-]initiated the first major government-funded work on nuclear fusion in the United States, ~30 years ago.

  4. In the early 1970s Dr. Bussard became Assistant Director, under Director Robert Hirsch, of the Controlled Thermonuclear Reaction Division of what was then known as the Atomic Energy Commission. They founded the mainline fusion program for the United States, which became the "tokamak" program.

    Hypothesis: The "tokamak" program seeks a [non-existent] linear / equilibrium fusion regime, involving confinement of near-charge-neutral, mixed electron / proton-neutron nucleus plasmas mainly by massive external magnetic fields — plasmas not well-confined thereby due to the electric charge near-neutrality of such plasmas.

  5. Later, in June 1995, Bussard stated in a letter to all fusion laboratories as well as to key members of the U. S. Congress, that he, along with the other founders of the fusion program, supported the tokamak approach not out of conviction that it was the best technical approach but rather as a vehicle for generating political support for fusion funding, thereby allowing them to pursue "all the hopeful new things the mainline labs would not try". Link to Bussard's letter: Letter

  6. In 1983, Dr. Bussard invented a new method of IEC [Inertial Electrostatic Confinement] fusion, which involved an inversion of the method used by Farnsworth and Hirsch in their later work on their 'Fusor' designs, which dated back to the late 1960s.

  7. Bussard developed a promising new type of gridless IEC fusor, called the Polywell, and built and tested several (15) experimental devices, from 1994 through 2005, with shoe-string funding from the U. S. Navy. That funding was cut-off completely after the final version of the Polywell demonstrated the breakthrough to high-level fusion reactions, and engineering-readiness, due to its successful solution of the remaining physics problems.

  8. During the period of U. S. Navy funding, from 1994 through 2005, the U. S. Navy required that Dr. Bussard and his team publish nothing about the physics progress they had achieved. When the Navy cut-off funding in 2005, Bussard was freed to go public with his results for the first time in 11 years.

  9. On November 9th, 2006, Dr. Bussard gave an invited presentation on his fusion breakthrough to Google employees, which was posted to the internet, and attracted a huge internet audience. In 2006, Bussard's Polywell design was awarded the Outstanding Technology of the Year Award by the International Academy of Science. Link to Google video: Award

  10. Responding to the groundswell of public interest in his work triggered by the internet disclosure of his breakthrough, Dr. Bussard founded a non-profit organization to solicit tax-deductible donations from the American public at-large to restart fusion development via the IEC approach in 2007.

  11. Dr. Bussard died on Oct. 6, 2007, of cancer [as did so many others before him whose existences had become "inconvenient" for the powers that be — e.g., Martha Mitchell [just after she went public on the crimes of her husband, John Mitchell, and of Nixon's CREEP], CIA Director Casey [just before his subpoenaed Congressional testimony on CIA crimes], Jack Ruby, etc., etc.].

Please listen to the — final — audio interview with Dr. Bussard, recorded shortly before his death, linked-to below.

If you listen to it through to the end, you will hear some amazing revelations about just how held-back technological progress has been since the 1930s.

Link to full story and audio-interview: Dr. Robert Bussard's Fusion Breakthrough

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