The Actual Agenda Behind the "Peak Oil" Ploy, and the "Global Warming" Hysteria

by Anonymous


The following quotes from "Peak Oil" purveyor Michael Ruppert are derived from Issue #70 (October 12, 2004) of the Center for an Informed America Newsletter, from the article entitled "Beware the 'Peak Oil' Agenda".

The full article is available via the following link:


... make no mistake about it: the future that has been scripted by the architects of 'Peak Oil' is not going to be pretty. Massive population reduction has always been a key component of the 'Peak Oil' agenda. Ruppert first acknowledged that fact in an e-mail to this website in March of this year. This is what he wrote at that time:

"I advocate an immediate convening of political, economic, spiritual and scientific leaders from all nations to address the issue of Peak Oil (and Gas) and its immediate implications for economic collapse, massive famine and climate destruction (partially as a result of reversion to coal plants which accelerate global warming). This would, scientifically speaking, include immediate steps to arrive at a crash program — agreed to by all nations and in accordance with the highest spiritual and ethical principles — to stop global population growth and to arrive at the best possible and most ethical program of population reduction as a painful choice made by all of humanity."

At that time, I accused Ruppert of advocating a eugenics program, and I was, not surprisingly, harshly criticized by the Ruppertians for doing so. Numerous members of the cult of 'Peak Oil' sent e-mail accusing me of "putting word's in Ruppert's mouth." But more recently, while addressing the Commonwealth Club (which apparently just began extending invitations to dissident journalists; who knew?), Ruppert put the words in his own mouth when he quoted approvingly from a eugenics tome penned in 1952 by Charles Galton Darwin. Darwin was, for the record, a rather notorious figure in the American eugenics movement, as were other Darwins and Galtons before him. Are we supposed to believe that there was no significance to the fact that Ruppert referenced a noted eugenicist while addressing such a distinguished audience? []

In a previous newsletter, I reported that Ruppert had briefly addressed the issue of population reduction during the speech that he delivered at this year's 9-11 conference in San Francisco. Since then, I have had the opportunity to review an audiotape of Ruppert's entire 'Peak Oil' presentation at the event. Here is a complete (enough) transcript of that presentation:

"Now the question is: do we want to do it nice or do we want to do it nasty? The world has chosen to embark on a path that is the worst Nazi nightmare ever seen. It will be bloody, it will be violent, it will involve population reduction by the most brutal, venal, underhanded methods. So ultimately what I have to say to you is that, as I look at this, and as I've studied this, and as I've worked for 26 years to unravel this — this covert mechanism that governs our lives, I'm firmly convinced that what we are now faced with is a choice offered to us by our creator: either evolve or perish. Thank you. Thank you."

So what is Ruppert telling us here ... other than that "our creator" is apparently now demanding that we evolve?

What exactly is this "world" of which he speaks — this "world [that] has chosen to embark on a path that is the worst Nazi nightmare ever seen"? I don't think that it is the people of planet Earth that have collectively chosen to take this path. And I doubt that it is the planet itself that has chosen this path. Isn't it really the case that this path was forced upon the world by the global elite and their paid stooges?

Is Ruppert telling us that we are all facing a violent, bloody death, so we might as well start taking care of the job ourselves — in a less "nasty" and more, uhmm, "nice" manner? Are those the only two options available? Why is a "bloody," "brutal," "violent" and "venal" future taken as a given? To be sure, we are certainly heading in that direction, but we needn't necessarily continue to do so, unless we blindly accept the manufactured reality as an objective, and inevitable, reality. Of course, Ruppert and his fellow 'Peakers' seem to be working very hard to guarantee the arrival of that "Nazi nightmare" future.

The truth is that such a future awaits us only if the claims of the 'Peakers' are true, or, more importantly, if we allow ourselves to be convinced that the claims are true when they most certainly are not. It is vitally important, therefore, that the people of the world be given the opportunity to thoroughly review all sides of this issue. After all, if the Peakers are right, then all of our lives are very much on the line. And yet, strangely enough, the majority of the Ruppertians who have chosen to spew their bile into my mailbox have made it quite clear that they have no desire to read any opposing points of view.

Could it be any more obvious that these people have no interest in ascertaining the truth?

Just this week, Ruppert discretely added a new article to his website, which he posted "on an unpublished URL at the FTW web site" — guaranteeing that none of his readers will ever know it is there, unless they learn of it elsewhere. Asked to explain his previous comments on population reduction, Ruppert does not deny that he advocates some type of forced depopulation program; he only denies having a specific program in mind:

"I have no list of people who should be in charge of this. Everyone should have a say. I have suggested that such an endeavor might best include people of more humane vocations than those of the economists, politicians, and financiers who are currently in charge of most domestic and international institutions. I have never said anywhere that there was a specific group of organizations or people who should run this. I have listed philosophies and disciplines that ought to be included in an effort to avoid the sort of draconian disaster that now seems likely." []

I wonder why it is that Ruppert continues to shelter his readers from this aspect of the 'Peak Oil' gameplan? If this is such an important issue, and if we should all have a voice in the 'debate,' as Ruppert has claimed, then why has he not brought the issue to the forefront? Why has he chosen instead to leak it in a limited way? Ruppert claims that, in order to be "ethical in the face of an inevitable disaster, the entire human community will have to share useful information as equably as is humanly possible." Why then is Ruppert not sharing this most important of information?

We turn now to a disturbing new post on the FTW website, which Ruppert has modestly titled "WE DID IT!" Before even getting to the actual text of the piece, we already know, just from the article's lengthy subtitle, that Ruppert is taking another stroll into Bizarro World. With equal parts bombast, ignorance, and unintentional irony, he actually refers to his critics as "Flat-Earth, Abiotic Oil Advocates." This is a guy, it will be recalled, whose mission in life is to relentlessly promote a scam predicated on a unproven, 250-year-old theory, while blithely ignoring an unchallenged body of modern scientific research — and yet he dismisses the other side as Flat Earthers! []

The full subtitle of the post is "World's Seven Largest Economies Admit They Have No Idea How Much Oil Is Left – Issue Emergency Call for Transparency at DC Summit: A Challenge to the Flat-Earth, Abiotic Oil Advocates and Cornucopian Economists – It's Now or Never."

While Ruppert celebrates his 'victory,' perhaps the rest of us should pause here and consider exactly what it is that he is celebrating. Just months ago, Ruppert called for the leaders of the world to meet and discuss the implications of 'Peak Oil,' including the necessity of taking "immediate steps to arrive at a crash program" for depopulating the world. And now we have the global elite meeting behind closed doors to discuss the implications of a phantom oil shortage, and those elite are, Ruppert believes, "well into discussing 'options' which they don't want the rest of us to know about." At stake, Ruppert notes, is "everyone's chances for survival and, most importantly, the future of all the world's children."

And we are supposed to believe that this is somehow a positive development? I don't think so. To the contrary, it would appear that the call for 'transparency' is a signal that the puppeteers have control of enough of the global chessboard to begin implementing the 'Peak Oil' scam. They are not meeting behind closed doors to discuss how to contend with a global oil shortage; they are meeting behind closed doors to discuss how to manufacture a global oil shortage.

As I said earlier in this post, these people are deadly serious about staging this apocalyptic scenario. And the stakes, for all of us, are very high. Consider that, for many years now, concerted efforts have been made to program our children to passively accept death as a mundane, routine occurrence. Do not make the mistake of assuming that that is a phenomenon unrelated to the 'Peak Oil' agenda.

Why are our children being conditioned to accept death? How thorough will this depopulation program be? How long will it take to shatter all remaining social bonds — to instill in the masses an "every man for himself" mind set? How quickly will we collectively descend into barbarism? If the masters of our collective illusion can convince us that we live in a "kill or be killed" world, how much of the dirty work of depopulation can they get us to do ourselves? What would we all do to stay alive in a high stakes game of global Survivor?

The architects of 'Peak Oil' hope to find out soon.

Our Claims

The purveyors of the 'Peak Oil' ideology are genocidal maniacs. Public pacification for acquiescence in global genocide is the real purpose of this ideology.

This ideology is but one variant of the many such ideologies, each of which has been skillfully psycho-manufactured to exploit the psycho-ideological vulnerabilities of various portions of the underlying population.

These ideologies have been engineered ultimately by the ruling faction of the capitalist plutocracy, the 'Rocke-Nazi' faction.

All of these ideologies have global genocide, "drastic downscaling of consumption", "re-localization", and the global totalitarian rule of the Rocke-Nazi plutocracy over the [remnant] population as their true, hidden agenda.

Among ruling-class insiders who engineer ideologies such as "Peak Oil" and "Global Warming", typical environmentalist/neo-primitivist phrases, like "drastic downscaling of consumption", and "re-localizing", are code-words for the "relocation" of "enemy civilians" and "enemy citizens" into the Blackwater, etc., guarded concentration-extermination camps that have been, and are being, built, in the rural U.S.A., under contract to FEMA, by Cheney's Halliburton, et al.