Nothingness, Summed Together Time and Time Again, Just Never Adds Up to a "Good" Time

by Anonymous

Nothingness (life emptied of self-managed time, which oddly actually feels timeless), even though summed together time and time again, and with much effort and care, even eternally, will mathelogically neither add up to, nor even approach, a "good" time.

It's sad, but true. And tragically, truth's falsification keeps it from us most of the time, simply because that time has been emptied of useful truth and livable possibility. It's denatured, devoided of our very nature. We are boiled off and thrown away and just the ownable wealth is hoarded away by parasites for a rainy day... and we get reigny daze instead.

The life time extraction process is what we all unknowingly do "for the system" daily and with each gesture and non-embrace of each other's need for their own (self-owned and self-managed) time as if it were a treasure which we all need to make our own times "good"... and it turns out to be true. The very "adding process" found in the above equation — wherein we continue and continue, trying and trying, to make adding umpteen 0s equal to 1 is actually subtract our life time each iteration... at faster rates, with more advanced thoroughness, and at greater depths and breadths... from the general possibility of living at all, and from having a specific life moment which actually approaches [a] "good time", that is, one without a higher loss of it in its duration, its expansion, and its quality. We have lost the past, are losing the present, and have surrendered the future ahead-of-time.

And so, this is why, at this time, we reach out to you (and any truth of sensing your own waning) with our own lost "lives". Our immediate example, being that we are all in a local neighborhood and the same surrounding possibility for community, oddly, is by way of another person's compensations to losing life by taking ours and anyone else who is within the grab and seize zone or effect range of that person's acts, and even if not, there are many like him, and many more to come.

You know the storyline I'm sure, leaked out metaphorically as "culture", that commodity which helps sell lifestyle to us as a life substitute:

Rather than fragmenting further together, why not that we consequently-gather to free up everyone's time from the global kidnapping of it, and reinventing the very notion of pies (which reminds me way too much of financial pie charts in how tasteless, joyless, and senseless they really are), and getting rid of [doing] time as a way of summing up self-loss, we thought that maybe we might get some fresh ideas and start a grassroots resurgence of "the good time" which we deliver to ourselves.

We can do this to and for ourselves without permission, without leadership mediation, without deductions, without taxes, without licenses, without fees, without loss, without agendas other than persona-free selfishness, without character-free social need, without guilt, without debt, without waiting lines, without waste, without noise, without attacking each other to make something else happy in a perverted way....

You get the picture all too clear without my help, I'm sure. Right? We have been still-lifed, as if like the nutritional value of the "fruit" in a painting's bowl "of fruit". I am suggesting that we return from this political-economic still-born "life" to one that joins the self-managed nutritions into a totalistic and totalizing social animal whose "wildness" is the social festivity, and not some "thing" added to aan annihilation list of social "pests" or "weeds".

Okay, so what follows are some notes on our first-hand experience of a "neighbor" across the street who:

In short, he is a persona-controlled and character-armored organic receptacle— one of many—who is inflicting back onto humanity what it has afflicted itself with by surrendering its power to hierarchy, authority, reifications, and projections of its now-soul-less self (as haunting "ghosts", as "craving "monsters", as self-dissociating "aliens") all of which are the inversions of 'what could be'. With no self for comparison, these "it"-people attack their own kind who have not yet surrendered as if we are the cause of their surrender and their inability to change back a foggy and dark nightmare into better lives by themselves, when actually we all must help each other or none of us alone can change effectively, throughly, or as robustly. And that is exactly the trap we are all in... fighting each other so that each of us is isolated, fragmented, and defeated daily alone.

The State, as is their policy—after nourishing chaos and dysfunctionality—ignores our requests for law-promised assistance, as do "free" (hack) lawyers suited for pathos — wills, divorces, DUIs— refusing defense or change or rebuking the intentionally-broken (via government) "justice" system, and, most people who seek the status quo fail to see it receding to less and less a status of anything but greater extraction and control with less services and rights daily... as we all slide into the cold, dark, and forever of nightmare and an extinction abyss. I detested asking any of them and it was clear that they were weak, frightened of anything but following orders, and had no capacity for resistance. Some found pleasure in refusal or solace in having a job based in shuffling around doing nothing, treating us like victimizers asking once-humans—afflicted now with human-breaking personalities in a broken system—to do anything but collect taxes, collect paychecks, direct human capital to extraction machinations, rig elections, look the other way while parasites syphon public funds and domain property, collect registration and license fees to pay for themselves collecting those fees, and many were just there to use us as an outlet to bolster their chances for moving up-the ladder by polishing up resumes by honing their psychotic, sociopathic, sadistic, and psychopathic skills.

So, rather than answering the question of "how are you?" in the usual falsified "business" method (with verbal handshake protocol sealing the deal) as if to convince and clear your hosted occupant to merge human-capital memes, behaviors, lingo, etc., with another hosted occupant. It's like the cold stare of the "pod people" in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", as they look for the human "truth" weakness: feeling, opinion, longing, dreaming, want, desire, passion. In the onward recuperating hybridization to colonize all human social relations for itself, here, instead, is an attempt at a painfully-truthful notation of what we experience daily as human beings under attack by "it"-ness, with its coldness, its, exploits, its invasions, its "cold stare" skirmishes, all in hope that no longer denying it will allow you to also come forward in association with us or others still caring, so that we can rescue ourselves together, and perhaps the Earthly joys and lifeforms once possible.

Treated as capital throughput "neighbor-objects", we are assaulted by:

The "neighbor[hood] from hell" is everywhere and the maintenance of it is currently out of our hands, unless we change much, very much, and now. Wow, that's a bit depressing, but see what avoiding it has gotten us?!

In short, unopposed life-opposition annihilates all but that toleration: the unfree subjugate the free; the tamed herd the untamed; the near-dead kill the living; the sensually-blind outlaw rainbows; the emotionally-deaf fine singing; the cynical sequester laughter; the absolutely "correct" imprison the "incorrect" absolutely; the clue- and witless license wild imagination; ad finitum, ad nauseam.

The Earth is an ecosystem that is a whole. It is not here for us exclusively, contrary to the nature, women, children, uncommon, and unbeliever (e.g., "infidel", "goyem", "heathen") slaver rites expounded in the hierarchy-expanding sections of the Old Testament, Torah, and Qu'ran (aka, Koran).

It is not some "thing" which had better perform, impress, do tricks, taste good, or wear well for us, as judges of its life (and right to exist) depending on a self-anointed court and with a strongarming judgment and precepts, edicts, "scientific" ideologies, proclamations, declarations, chore lists, and on and on. Like the universe, it doesn't care if we humans exist, except as self-elevated gardeners and facilitators of mutually-inclusive life-forces, and thus also, too often its lifeforms unknowingly allow and unsuspectingly respect the limit-witted minds of humans to conceive of much other than what is interpreted as revolving, or needing to be coaxed or forced to revolve, around themselves. The "objective" science that watches suffering and demise adds to the weight atop those life forms (and times) whose immiserations and demise is televised and wrapped in advertisiements for "save this" and save that" groups who only create a gigantic sucking sound, taking our potential to act away from what hasn't already taken away from humans via political-economy. Nothing is saved but the system robbing in the first place. Nothingness is no way to live.

Earth, nature, ecosystems, the universe... unregimented in ways the species-centric created grocery lists feign as "intelligent" or "evolved" with "order" wrapped in plastic, museums, and vaults either way, is injected everywhere by a species who believe in politicians, clerics, and other charlatans fleecing them and coaxing them to fleece, skin, eat, shoot, stuff, cage, slash, spray, melt, burn, blow up, or otherwise exterminate all else. Yep, being so "on top of it" makes one quietly ponder just what "it" is, as in "shhhhh".

Those 'discover, synthesize, and own' lists wherein all DNA, forces, elements, time, space, and motion, is brought to its knees before omnipotent hierarchy "experts", are so necessary for hierarchy to continue where life might instead. They are so unnecessary for all under their boot. They are one of the "intelligent" species' cycles of self-mundanity for so many of us to perform while a civilization within a civilization rules all, and interference with any list item or sequence throws hierarchy into panic, and conicidentally, also finds humanity sent into weaponizing mode, wherein "truth", "justice", "empathy", "care", and "wisdom" are exposed as placeholders filling the nature of this anti-natural imposition on free living by anything: exo-subjugation, extractive exploitation, and extinctive extermination.

Like its sworn enemies, freedom to self-evolve and liberty of free association, this anti-natural nature is full-spectrumed or not at all. It needs to dominate all and must keep finding smaller and larger qualities upon which to squelch self-managed and self-conscious growth.

Hierarchical and historical, it is real only because we allow it to be. We tolerate and maintain it. We psycho-fetishize on its rite of "cleansing away" all that disagrees with "work with and under me, or die" brain "logic".

Nature seeks to fully pursue its self-evolutionary adventure, however, is being imprisoned by our frozen logic paths erected like horizon-blocking billboards on all sides of mindless, changeless neuron highways in our self-anointed, forcibly-limited, "superior" minds.

Eco-totalistic life gardening, when inverted by a lazily-approached hatred for "merely being", for being tools to a global pyramid scheme, for tolerating servant-slave status to master-enabler psychopaths, for following the rules set up by the sociopathic managerial class under those masters, and doing and behaving however directed by the entertainment-news cartel's many programming whores is neither natural, intelligent, nor beautiful in any way.

From the dysfunctional response by globalist, federal, state, county, and city levels of the same hierarchical "obedience training", called "government" (with human community inverted into puppet Community organizations), is the accepted dysfunctionality which keeps us all in line as farmed, trained, crated, and consumable, recyclable "things"... and, as things, we are neither taught nor allowed to assess or change our selves, and certainly, are never supposed to question "the linearity" imposed upon a nonlinear universe. Why? Because we are property, chattel, fodder, tools. Simple? Okay, sure, I suppose it can be said that we are selfless auto-maintaining simpletons.

So, when the "experience" of one is trodden on and expressed so that we may all consider our "lot" as equal things (that equality which can only be addressed in "systems of things" everywhere) in a series of thing containers, well, that is the experience of all of us being abused, invaded, stolen, and of all of the implied possible solutions approaching us as ourselves, like we are that deer in our own headlights, an implied possibility for the critical mass quantity required for qualitative possibilities... however, only when communicated, and, only if acted upon. And here, "upon" asserts all that is each of us, apart and together, inside and out, as well as all that could be each of us, together and apart, outside and in. The whole of everything and everyone becomes possible — mutually-totalizing and taken as integral and necessary moments of a dynamic whole — or else, only slavery does, can, and will exist. We shall merely subsist... and perhaps, loudly persist in our prescribed and/or manufactured resistance.

Whether it is, as with which we have been (e)viled — noise exhibitionism, belligerent alcoholism, "creepy" voyeurism — we can change all that behavior, submission, bloat, and just plain evil, into whatever we responsibly invent. All this can become a wild adventure, without predators, food-chains, need to know, policy to not know, etc.; it will be messy, like "nature", but then, we will become alive again, and maybe for the first time....

We have made our front yard, easemented to death by the city's corporate hierarchy as a restraint upon imaginative use of our yards by us, except as umbilical cords from the petroleum industry cartel's masters into our neighborhoods, onto our property, into our homes (as "garages"), and as behaviors of submission... emissions into and emission controls upon our very being. Now it is de-occupied territory, and we seek your solutions to small, medium, and large problems... enhancements to small, medium, and large joys, partners and associates in reinventing everything, ourselves, and our relations with "the wild", i.e., to living.

Stop by when the noise, cynical attitudes, red tape, cold-hearted abuse, and need for change with friendlies arises. We hope still for a world wherein insistence and persistence lead to real existence, and not just to a subsistence. As said, "change is the only constant", and if you know that leaders are the symptom of a more basic cause, then there is more quality in two people meeting without leaders than in all the intentions of all leaders throughout hierarchicalized (enslaving) time. The wild adventure awaits.

Please see our companion piece, "Feel free to rest, read, and/or chat", visit our "The Communitarian Project" web pages at, and register to share views and projects at our secured and private "Unbecoming Things" forum at We all may become the best we've never been if we reach out for and create ourselves with consequence....