Untamed Gardening Tips

by Anonymous

Growing entirely with organic practices is 100% better for everyone and everything EXCEPT for the petrochemical cartel, its whore-politicians, and its careered-pimps (landscRAPErs, mortgage bankers, "lord-serf property relations" realtors, corporate lace-and-replace nurseries, Monsanto, Bayer, ad nauseam). It doesn't poison the myco-heterotrophic system, recycling & reconverting population of annelids & insects, air, multi-layered & element-shifting soil, food, seeds eaten & carried by birds, ground-water, ad finitum. Try home food gardening or solar-powering your own home and you'll find that the hype is just a front for decisions already made, and that you are not ever going to sway them with actual ideas, logic, work, or usage changes. Hierarchy, anywhere, is toxic. And, the only garden allowed is the one in which you are the crop and your blood, sweat, and tears are the seeds.


The "trickle-down" method has failed. There is only psycho-politically and "scientifically"-excused ideo-defecation sliding into and onto our lives... as news-ommercials, adver-"lifestyles", and the holy State's "Truth", as tons and tons of broken and useless "things", as plastic synthesized toxins, as edicts, orders, policies, and feigned hierarchy-free decisions made by those who have neither the inclination nor the ability to think for us nor to act for any benefit but their own[ed].

Currently, water is 80% of human bodies. Control it and you control all human lives more efficiently than if you control oil [cf. Standard Oil, et. al.] or food. [cf. Monsanto, Bayer.], with an 80% rationed control-efficiency, the dominators calculate.

The adding of sodium fluoride into the "public water" supply of pre-WWII Germany by IG Farben was the lead, another experiment in mass enslavement. It was a dream-come-true to have the breakaway of the Rothschild-Morgan installed führer (and ruling socialist party) in Germany, as his and Germany's intended demise still proceeded along, only faster than planned and more thoroughly than intended, and the militarized diversion provided here by nationalism and duty to sacrifice, the FDR regime, and its codependent bank-bought Congress, also provided a way of sneaking the passivity chemicals into American water, disguised by lies from the Rockefeller-founded American Medical Association (AMA) hybrid sister group, the American Dental Association (ADA). IG Farben and then German-centered BASF's direct descendent, known as vile Big Pharma, has followed-up by funding politicians to dehydrate water bureaus of resistance — excused by the usual government lies of cost, especially after the tax base has been paid to banks owning those politicians — to any filtering-out of Big Pharma birth control hormones and Big Pharma psychoactive drugs.

"In 2008 the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) tested water in nine states across the country and found that 85 man-made chemicals, including some medications, were commonly slipping through municipal treatment systems and ending up in our tap water.
Another report by the Associated Press found trace amounts of dozens of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water supplies of some 46 million Americans."
— "Can Birth Control Hormones Be Filtered from the Water Supply?" (June 2009) at http://scientificamerican.com/article/birth-control-in-water-supply/

After the active ingredient in most birth control pills has done its duty preventing pregnancy, it begins a second life as a pollutant that can harm wildlife in waterways.
Not only is ethinyl estradiol quite potent — creating "intersex" fish and amphibians — but it is very difficult to remove from wastewater, which carries it into natural waterways.
— "Water Pollution Caused by Birth Control Poses Dilemma" at http://www.livescience.com/20532-birth-control-water-pollution.html

As well, and how very coincidentally, with funding mysteriously appearing, they are actually adding in non-water and still calling it "water". By way of definition, when water has non-water added to it, you can no longer call it water. Why? Because, it's not H2O any more than watered-down arsenic is "water". It's a compound, with "water" used as the carrier, as the "host", as the scapegoat", as the "mule", as the disguise., as the bait. It's like all the persona, character-armor, dysfunctional behavior, and ideological attitudes that humans "host". Can you still call them "human" after adding all sorts of non- and anti- human traits to them?! There's weaponized, patented, owned, 'real' owner-directed, and controlling technological components added, most without awareness by the carrierss/hosts: RFID nanochips, brain-disruptor receptor elements, behavior-programming "convenience" devices which alter electromagnetic fields. When calling for mandatory obedience by host "humans" using their patented and ex- and ino- hierarchical control of these "humans", surely the legal rules are being worked out so that the owners may now refer to those "humans" as their designs and property in one manner or another. Keep up wanted behavior or the depenedncies introduced into the "host" may be uncontrollable, resulting in rapid death. DNA, metabolism, etc. kidnapped, and held for the ransom called submission. No doubt, like Monsanto and Big Pharma being edict-exempted from prosecution these new State-controlling corporations will excuse themselves from all sorts of mistreatment, by renaming what they mistreat as non-human, and thus, beyond reproach... because it's theirs to dispose of as they please: recycle, upgrade, end-of-life. We allowed State-rationalized malpractice and corporate-sponsored States as flipsides of each other, and we will meet the final train at the end of the tunnel. So, the aluminum industry's weaponized waste product, good old sodium fluoride, once again, is in most "public" water supplies, expressly by policy to add it. We see all sorts of behavior-modifying hormones and drugs in the water expressly because they were not removed. That taint is policy. Their effect is known and the proof is out that we are of no consequence: fodder, hosts, throughput for capital, a base for the pyramid of the new pharaohs. That is part of their final solution assault.

More rests upon using: HAARP (Tesla) technology to coax and threaten governments with their ability to directly and indirectly foment and cause draught, tsunamis, and earthquakes; designer air pollutants; product secondary (collateral) affects; recycled "events" or "conditions" like the phony 1970s oil shortages, the swine flu, the bird flu, which all made green for the owners of the causes and the supposed symptom-cures; inoculants and vaccinations; surreptitious and fund-less "Chinatown" run-off; facilitated water shortages, i.e., lying about the costs of desalination and its solar-powered availability while there is a fast consent-less use of our funds for "fast" trains and an open-pit canal which pumps water away from its source (and us) to evaporate in the open sun along the way, to cover golf courses in the southern part of the state, or to politician-buying corporate farms, Big Farma, droughting all nonconformist organic, small, and family farms whose water the canal diverts to its real owners; a controlled media's vast and coincidentally naught-challenged hype to bend over and practice for the pre-planned (coming soon to a class war theater near you) water edicts, fees, licenses, etc. from atop the "global pyramid scheme" and its enforced scarcity syndrome to ensure psychopathic control.

Grow your own food? Ha! You'll be lucky to be aging-to-death in line for the cardboard lettuce you wait hours in ad-assaulted lines for at "the company store". Self-determination is not allowed in the new-and-improved "land of the free": the New World Order of and for things ("where "things" is you and me, the baby, the cat, the squirrel, the dirt clod, the sweat drop on your forehead, the tear in that Native American's... actually an Italian actor... 1970s advertised eye).

The synthetic clouds are owned and the real are imprisoned, and all evaporated are those found sweating without a license. Like the Gore-ified attempt to tax carbon, and to declare carbon dioxide (one source of all Monsanto-free vegetation's sustenance) as a pollutant to hide the real pollution that is hierarchy and all those authoritarian Draculas atop human-facilitated hierarchy,

Yep, that ain't really H2O dripping on and into you from above, but "it" — its spectacilzed "shortage", its ritualized "right of access", its effect, its privatization, its tainting, and its cover-up — will cost you even more than money to be covered in and permeated by [the enslaving splendor of] it!


We are soiled daily as the diapers of the rich. It's time to stop showing up at their ruling crib. The self-power, which is codependently (as in Depends) inverted into mas[s]ochism, is certainly capable of finding a life of its own to invent instead of pursuing redundant self-effacement and its complementary dysfunctions, to be pursued as a disarmed ruling class shit on themselves in "playpens" of their own making....


The best transplant is all sociopathic bureaucrat heads of those buffoon-whores in the U.S., states (e.g., California), county (e.g., Contra Costa), and all governments onto the old psychopathic bodies of George Soros, Vivian and Nathan Rothschild, David Rockefeller, and the rest of the "elite"... the inbred 300... the master parasites. How's 'bout we "one way" transplant these "illuminated elite" onto Mars or into the Sun?! Sigh... a look forward, very little, will have us asking the "terrorist" question, "do you remember the sun before its use was licensed by Big Energy?


The best mulch for sustaining life on Earth is to plow under hierarchy and all of its adherency ideologies



The germination of change is always "grassroots" and it tolerates no "leaders" whose very job is recuperate, delay, bog down, "to get bought off", "to sell out", and "to serve you up on a platter" to those they really admire: leaders with power over not just you, but many, many more like you. In short, they are the spawn of 'what is', not 'what could be'.


The seeds of change are sown within direct relationships we have with life we normally avoid, tolerate, destroy, deny, or demonize. It is the reinvention of forms that embellish, elevate, illustrate, facilitate, and mutually benefit life around each of us. It is what we do every moment. It is about taking responsibility for living in forms which sustain the current only in so far as that current is built to dynamically qualitatively expand, reinvent and transcend itself. It is not self-perpetuating; it is self-superseding. It is mutually inclusive; it is generalized self-management. Change is essential to life.

Finalizing or Beginning a Garden of Wild Life

Forget "beneficial" microbes, insects, minerals, etc. Those are advertising terms for a condition created by those doing the advertising. And, the integral elements of life which they coincidentally are willing to sell back to you, ought not be loftily-judged in terms of human species-centrism. That loftiness is also a to-be-bought attitude, poor consolation for giving up all freedom and liberty amongst one's own[ing] kind for a momentary shovel or spray of its designer image of you actually having the power to do anything about your lot in life, that is, the plot in their policies and psychopathic minds for you.

Your designed "life" is the same as the natural substances, copied on the toxic cheap, outlawed, or destroyed to raise the value of what has a patent, trademark, licensor, owner, and deed, and then it's off to to denatured mist and shovel-full: commodification, exchangeability, profitability, recyclability, a burial plot in the garbage dump sprayed with dissolving solution and a politician's perfume.

However, a mutually-inclusive and self-designed life is certainly more important to life on Earth than we have demonstrated ourselves to be, due to our lifestyled, and State-facilitated psycho-drugged docility towards that State and to the hierarchy for which it stands": rule for the extractive parasites forcibly imposed upon and atop all life on Earth. Both "essentials" and "components" of life on Earth, and the whole ecosystem have been and are further being subjugated, exploited, and annihilated by virulent hierarchy's codependence between dumb with stolen self-power and those dumbly-surrendering their self-power.

Ecodemocracy is a transcendence of political-economy, and is based upon omnicentralism (the "center" is everywhere) and mutual inclusivity (syngthesizing all, however, unlike the Borg in "Star Trek" and the Thing in "John Carpenter's The Thing", uniqueness is embraced rather than digested away into 'what is', a rather ideologic and absolutist approach. Relationships are all nourished for what they are, not for what they need or ought to be. Becoming rather than being, each is integratedly-understood and embraced as beneficial, enlivening, qualitatively-expanding, quality-expounding, and desired as life itself. Hence, life is the practice which seeks the totality within and whole emanating from and as every life-force passion for uniqueness, differentiation, and infinite expansion. Or, if not, what you have and get is the contraction of life and the substitute of a cold darkness.

It is you, me, us... all not me, all not you, all not us... and, our vaster and expanding relationship being within itself as a conscious and unconscious forming, practicing, and 'leaping beyond itself' dynamic... or, simply, life is not.