State-Capitalism [Pseudo-Socialism] vs. 'Political-Economic Democracy'

by Anonymous

I have become aware of a new development in Marxian Theory, using a new tool of "universal labor" [Marx] — a heuristic, 'intuitional', 'contra-Boolean' algebraic dialectical logic — one that has enabled those who use it to develop a model of '''The Dialectic of Nature''': of a mounting 'meta-genealogy', driven by a self-recurring "aufheben" process, named 'meta-unit-ization', that continuingly creates qualitatively different, NEW KINDS of units, rising from pre-nuclear "particles" as units, all the way up to human societies as units, with a prediction as to what is coming next; a model of the historical dialectic of natural history as totality.

"Inside" that totality-model, they have also derived a model of the history of what Marx calls "the social forces of production", and "the social relations of production", within "human pre-history" [Marx], culminating in the capital-relation/wage-labor-relation, at the core of capitalist society, and in the self-cleavage of that society into the wages-/ salaries-class vs. capitals-class class-struggle, that this "social relation of production" imposes, until the capital-relation-incented growth of the "social forces of production" internally destabilizes that capitals-system, due to 'technodepreciation'-losses-driven falling profitability, the ruling-class reaction to which produces the present 'descendance-phase' of capitalist civilization, which began around 1913.

Their models also predict/reconstruct the "lawful" emergence of a 'HUMANOCIDAL', 'capitalist-anticapitalist' [totalitarian STATE-capitalist] ruling class in 'descendance-phase' capitalism. They predict a terminal, 'descendance-phase' ruling class ideology which is simultaneously 'capitalist anti-capitalist', 'human anti-humanist'', and, in seeking to reverse the historic rise of "the social forces of production", 'anti-marxian marxianist' as well.

This ruling-class's 'human anti-humanism'' ideology initially spawned "Eugenics", but, after their debacle with their state-capitalist, Eugenics 'servant-dictatorship', become 'Franken-dictatorship' — the Hitler Eugenics regime, which turned against them, they switched to their "Big Money" perversion of the global grass roots anti-pollution movement, i.e., into the "People Are Pollution" neo-pseudo-religion of 'Earthism', attacking global working class living standards on pseudo-ecological grounds.

The "lawful" self-degeneration of 'ascendance-phase', competitive, representative-democratic capitalism into totalitarian, 'humanocidal' STATE-capitalism [the 'Orwell/Marx Law'], in the "advanced" capitalist nation-states, is ENABLED by the primary result of capitalist competition — the hyper-concentration of capital-money in ever fewer hands — which, at length, totally obliterates the "checks-and-balances" among the POLITICAL branches of government, as the 'descendance-phase' plutocracy prostitutes all three branches, plus the news media, and the industries of food and medicine, as well as of science, and other crucial social institutions.

But the desperate, DRIVING MOTIVE behind the descendant phase plutocracy's rush to TOTALITARIAN 'HUMANOCIDE' is a deep secret, still not discerned by most observers and theorists.

Using those models, these developers have derived detailed features of the probable successor social system to capitalism, i.e., of the HIGHER, successor "social relation of production" to the capital-/wage-labor relation, which they call the 'GENERALIZED EQUITY social-relation-of-production', or 'political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY' — the 'citizen externality equity / citizen birthright equity / citizen stewardship equity HUMAN RIGHTS'-relation, which is decidedly NOT a form of pure-state-bureaucratic-ruling-class STATE-capitalism, a la Leninism, Trotskyism, Stalinism, Maoism, CeauČ™escuism, Hoxhaism, Castroism, ILism, UNism, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

The key is to RESUSCITATE CHECKS AND BALANCES on POLITICAL power, as well as to create NEW CHECKS AND BALANCES against concentrated ECONOMIC power, by instituting unprecedented ECONOMIC CHECKS AND BALANCES.

The 'Associations of [popularly elected, mandated, popularly recallable] Public Directors' bodies, implementing the 'Citizens EXTERNALITY Equity' ['GRASS ROOTS, democratic regulation of deadly local pollution'] Human Right, are an 'institution-ization' of the historical experiences of the self-organized, revolutionary, territorially/residentially-grounded "community councils", or citizen assemblies, that have manifested repeatedly in contra-capitalism revolts of the last century.

An "Externality", as an "external cost", is a "cost", or harm, imposed, by the operations of an enterprise, upon "third parties" — "parties" who are neither "first parties", e.g., owners, nor "second parties", e.g., consumers, with respect to that enterprise, and with respect to its outputs [e.g., that form of harm, or "cost", known as "pollution"].

The 'producers-democracies' that are the MARKET-COMPETING '''socialized producers' cooperatives''' of the 'Citizen STEWARDSHIP Equity' ['collective entrepreneurship'] Human Right [the 'socialized venture capital' Human Right], face bankruptcy and unemployment if they fail to satisfy their customers, prosperity if they succeed. They are an 'institution-ization' of the historical experiences of the self-organized, revolutionary, workplace-grounded "producers' councils", or "producers' associations", that have also formed repeatedly in modern, contra-capitalism revolts.

The 'SOCIAL BANKS' that decide to, or not to, fund the statutorily-qualified business plans proposed to them by citizens' collectives — would-be Citizen Stewardship Equity producers' cooperatives — are themselves also Citizen Stewardship Equity cooperatives, facing bankruptcy & unemployment if they fund too many cooperatives that fail, hence default on their 'social rent' payments, a share of which forms the revenue of these means-of-production-providing 'social banks', and facing prosperity if they choose to fund mostly citizen's collectives that form successful cooperative enterprises, & facing lessened prosperity if they fail to fund cooperatives that succeed, letting competing 'social banks' fund those winning cooperatives [cf. David Schweickart's book Against Capitalism].

To form a social bank Citizen Stewardship Equity cooperative, a citizens' collective must successfully apply, with its proposed, statutorily qualifying, business plan, NOT to another social bank, but to the Office of the Custodian of Social Property, the national Office managed by the nationally, popularly elected Custodian of Social Property, who is the Democratic ECONOMIC GOVERNMENT counterpart of, e.g., the President, or the Prime Minister, of the Democratic POLITICAL GOVERNMENT. The Custodian of Social Property manages the social property of the nation [held in Stewardship, NOT in local/personal ownership, by the Citizen Stewardship Equity cooperatives], collects the social rents on the social property held in Stewardship, remits the statutorily regulated share of those rents to the chartered social banks, as their revenue, allocates an equitable share of the annual means of production investment pool to each such social bank, and manages the replacement of obsolescent means of production, for those Stewardship Equity cooperatives choosing to pay the premiums for the Office's 'techno-depreciation insurance policy', whenever the Office is ordered to do so by the Tribunal for Citizen Stewardship Equity. The Custodian is a term-limited, impeachable, & popularly-recallable officer. If a citizens' collective feels that the Office has wrongfully denied it a social bank charter, it can file suit against the Office in the Tribunal for Citizen Stewardship Equity. The losing side pays the costs of the litigation.

Each Citizen Steward votes to elect, and can vote to recall, the management of their collective enterprise, & each Citizen Steward votes on ALL major managerial decisions.

Each Citizen-Steward producer, as such, enjoys, by constitutional & Human Right, two streams of income: (1) compensation for time worked, determined via Skills-Markets, not necessarily equal in amount to that earned by differently-skilled fellow Citizen Stewards, & (2) an EQUAL share in the net operating surplus of their Citizen-Stewardship enterprise. Stewardship cooperatives pay a social rent on their means of production — social property, held in Stewardship, not in local/personal ownership — a social rent that discourages inefficient [over]use of means of production.

These rents help to fund the Citizen Birthright Equity individual Citizen socialized trust funds, as well as Citizen Stewardship Equity means of production start-up investments, and renewals, for COMPETING Stewardship cooperatives in a given line of industry, whenever technological obsolescence of the old means of production is adjudicated.

The Citizen Stewardship Equity constitutional amendment does not outlaw self-employed capital, private joint stock capital, or state-capital. But all capitalist firms must play by the rules of stockholder democracy, & must compete, for employees, etc., against Stewardship producers' cooperatives, wherein the collective self-employers, the producer-owners, decide, democratically, how they will be treated by their collective self-employer, i.e., by themselves. If unlimited or even limited political contributions by enterprises are still allowed by the people, then private-capital enterprises, by vote of their stock-owners, and stewardship equity cooperatives, by vote of their citizen-owners, would be equally regulated in their political contributions.

'''Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.''' CHECKS AND BALANCES are the key bulwark against socio-political degeneration into dictatorship. Of course, checks and balances institutional mechanisms are no guarantee against degeneration into dictatorship. Popular — populist — vigilance, against public and private injustice and tyranny, are always vital to avert or to undo such degeneration.

The prescription is that the — concentrated-economic-power-subverted — POLITICAL checks and balances be "aufheben"-retained, as REVIVED by the new ECONOMIC checks and balances, in a new societal system of SUSTAINED QUADRUPLE POWER, with 'inter-mutually' checking-and-balancing SUSTAINED CONFLICTS among the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of [popularly-elected] POLITICAL government, and also vis-a-vis the new, ECONOMIC-DEMOCRATIC institutions of '''Equitism''' — the new social institutions of 'Citizen Externality Equity', 'Citizen Birthright Equity', and 'Citizen Stewardship Equity', sketched above.

This will require a VIGILANT social majority, one that knows what it wants — the better life for all of 'Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY' — and that knows the horrors of the alternative — CIA-Global-Police-State, Totalitarian, 'Humanocidal' State Capitalism, already rampant in the plutocracy's "STEALTH EUGENICS", 'STEALTH HUMANOCIDE' incipient mode, already extensively underway.

The social-revolutionary transition to Equitarian 'Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY' need not be a violent conflagration. Citizens' mass BOYCOTTS of the Big, Government-prostituting Banks and other 'human anti-humanist' '''Corporatist''' Mega-Corporations, populist electoral campaigns for legislatures, executives, and judges at the Municipal, State, and National levels, popular Initiatives/Referenda/Plebiscites, and constitutional amendments — all of these may suffice to change the "social relations of production". However, the self-degenerated plutocracy can be expected to resort to illegal violence whenever they feel that their power to pillage, torture, rape, and murder humanity is being challenged by legal means.

Organizing can begin at the grassroots level, campaigning for the adoption of municipal-scale, then county-scale, then state/province-scale implementations of approximations of the 'Citizen Externalities Equity', 'Citizen Birthright Equity', & 'Citizen Stewardship Equity' Human Rights, before attempting full implementation at the national scale and, later, at the international, global scale, converging upon a democratic 'Planetary Polis' [a voluntary, 'secedeable' federation of sovereign, national, democratic republics].

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