The Truth Is Out There

by Anonymous

Concentrating on FEMA Concentration Camps

I am concerned regarding the continued erosion of our Liberties at the hands of mad men and those in our Senate and Congress who act more like sheep or employees of the Firm (as depicted in the movie) where every lawyer had dirt generated upon them so that they could never leave or expose what was really going on within the firm.

Here is some very enlightening but disturbing information on the FEMA camps that are now a reality:

The Youtube video I just watched, presented by Chris Hedges, one of the attorneys fighting NDAA, (National Defense Authorization Act) claims Obama wants to use, and apparently is already using NDAA against Americans, and it is worded so vaguely that it can be used to pick up anyone and everyone they want to pick up. It is not even meant to be used against terrorists. Its purpose is really to round up anyone who opposes the U.S. government and the ruling elite, anywhere in the world. How one country's government can maintain that it has the right power to pick up anyone, anywhere in the world, with no trial, with no formal charges and to hold them "to the end of hostilities" duh.... Let me see, wow, that means forever.

People act naively and act like the existence of FEMA concentration camps "is just a conspiracy theory" even though they have seen them on videos, and pictures and heard their rumors. Here is an entire show on them. It was banned from television by the U.S. government after one episode:

These concentration camps are built to hold millions (I am estimating 20 million, although I think the total number is higher), they are built like prisons, barb wire facing in, not out, and politicians and government employees will tell you they absolutely don't exist, that you are just a crazy conspiracy theorist. They do exist, so why are they so secret, if in fact they are merely for emergency housing?

Chris Hedges, attorney against NDAA, stated that it will probably be a couple weeks before we get a judicial ruling bregarding the NDAA. The ruling may be sooner, as that was an estimate. Obama has hand picked the judges panel to whom he has sent it to for appeal. There is a panel of three (3) judges that is to decide on it. I do not know if it takes 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 3 to overturn it. If Obama loses that one, he will take it immediately to the Supreme Court, and we know from Obamacare how "constitutional" those criminals are. So, I think it will be the normal home cooking. Judges work for the government, in the end, they take orders, and this NDAA ruling is integral to the U.S. government's ability to change our government to a tyrannical total control police state with citizen's constantly in fear of each other and of the regime.

IF you don't think NDAA is for round ups, and FEMA camps, then consider what Judge Forrester said:

"The government, in effect, is attempting to push though a law similar to the legislation that permitted the government to intern 110,000 Japanese-Americans during World War II."

No one cares when its not them who is at risk, but this time, it is going to be anybody and everybody that they want to pick up and the number will be in the millions. Worse than that, it reduces the entire American population, and the citizenry of the world, to forever live in fear that the U.S. government will black bag them, and that they will never be seen or heard from again, which is already going on. We, as citizens, need to start pushing back. We will not tolerate all these not only illegal and unconstitutional laws, but immoral and inhumane laws. What the U.S. government has done and is doing around the world is unconscionable, and those of you who don't know, and still blame a small group of people living in a cave for 9/11, are simply in denial. The proof is substantial that forces within our own government, combined with the shadow government (meaning the elite bankster mafia, the royals, the Vatican, and the Jesuit/Zionists) pulled of 9/11 as a false flag event, so that they could go murder people worldwide and take their resources.

People say all the time: "it's not his fault, he doesn't make the calls". The part about him not making the calls is true, but Obama is a WILLING participant in these atrocities that are being committed. Romney is already bought and paid for, and will do the same. But this Obama worshipping is ridiculous when he and his band of criminals intend to rip away from Americans any shred of freedom and of common decency towards our fellow man that we may still possess. We know Americans, most Americans anyway, do not support the actions if the U.S. government. All the people that support Obama implicitly because they get government checks need to prepare, because those checks will not last long, at all, after the next "election". If you want to consider that the elite bandy around the word "useless eaters" and "depopulation" and "cull", you may want to consider that they have targetted people getting government checks first and their intent is to see you don't use any more of "their" resources.

Resistant Change

We need to do the opposite of what our government is doing. They have the evil market sewn up. We need to start looking out for our fellow man, get past race, color, sex, creed and religious differences. We are all people, just looking to get by. We need to quit blaming other countries and people for 9/11 and holding a grudge against them. It is them they who should be holding a grudge against us, for they have been attacked for no reason, their countries totally destroyed and many of their family and friends killed, for no reason. Imagine if an invading force came into the U.S. and bombed us, snatched us up, went house to house kicking doors in, then left drones buzzing around our neighborhoods 24/7 dropping bombs on innocent people. That is exactly what has happened and continues to happen in these countries.

We need to offer peaceful, yet firm opposition to these government atrocities, let them know we know what they are up to at every turn, let congressmen know again and again that we are watching them and they way they vote (it does frighten them). We need to oppose things like Monsanto, drone strikes, NDAA, martial law, FEMA concentration camps, WAR, etc., (I could go on for days on this list) and let others know what is really going on. We need to start working together, and to set aside differences. The people of the world need to unite to end these terrible atrocities put to us by governments drunk with power.

We won't get anywhere by using aggression and anger and fear, those are their tactics. We will end this by killing them with kindness. Don't get bent on hate, although it is easy to do in today's world, but instead rise above and live your life the way you want others to live theirs. If enough people do that, the positive energy is very, very contagious, and that is scientifically proven. We will defeat this terrible evil that plagues society, but the only way to truly defeat it, is to absorb it. Which we will do. It may get tough in the next few months, keep your head up, avoid the pitfalls, avoid getting consumed by anger, (avoid Monsanto as much as possible) and we will get through this and make a better world for our children and for our children's children. I am just happy to be living now, so that I can do my part to correct the wrongs in society. We have a great responsibility to all of mankind. It is time to rise to the challenge.

Copy "The District of Columbia ACT of 1871" and share it with EVERYONE you know! 

I urge you to watch and evaluate the attached information:
Watch the "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: FEMA Camps" clip.
Peruse Alex Jones' sites at and
Try to find the radio station in your area that broadcasts "Coast to Coast AM" (syndicated talk radio show), especially on Saturday nights when John B. Wells hosts; he has lots of pertinent guests and is very supportive of protecting our liberties....

The Truth is out There....