The Imprisonment and Breakout of "Conspiracy Theory"

by Anonymous

Notes and Comments

"Conspiracy theory" is the theory of and about planning (e.g., teams, cabals, marriages, associations, entrustments, cartels, unions, clubs, friendships, partnerships, cults, corporations, etc.).

It pre-passes no judgment on conspiracy (that is, "conjoined planning"), yet 'crosses inside the line' when what stirs within affects life 'outside the line'. One examines everything that affects and examines one's own life. To not do so would surely be considered as "passing away".

It entails the 'how', 'why', 'when', 'where', and 'who' of pseudo-random, pseudo-ordained, pseudo-destined, pseudo-mysterious, social events.

It seeks to bring out "into the light", the dark, secret, hidden, speculative, and manipulative.

It is one of the practical uses of Marxian analysis that does not merely divest class absolutes and grandeur proclamations about an external 'force of necessity', as if we were subjectless matter to be scientifically manipulated by a 'socialist' theocracy whose knowledge imparts to them the Power wielded by less-rational theocrats of the bourgeoisie, themselves also wielded by Capital-as-reification.

It puts real faces on those directly-or-indirectly ill-affecting and/or "screwing you".

It ALSO puts otherly real people and events at the source of one's estranged world, besides yourself and atomized 'others' in your same 'set of estranged predicament-realities'.

It re-inverts the disconnection from your estrangement, disconnects you from a generalized atomization, and thus, re-connects you to all those 'otherlies' whose own atomized estrangement managed by some planner(s), or conspirators, benefits from a generalized loss of self, sanity, and world.

If there were no benefactors from managing a 'generalized self-estrangement', then there would have not be such effort expended (e.g., police, falsified democracy, armies, world wars, surveillance, social dumbification, lifestyle stupefaction) trying so hard to hide and deny it!

It is the act of the self-managing, rather than the complicitance of those reducing themselves to objects of history that can only ever be "along for the ride".

People, rather than conceding once again to an 'external force' acting as a [pseudo-]subject upon them as mere [pseudo-]objects — as in the forces of space acting upon a lifeless hunk of drifting iron — re-activate a 'will to live' which de-objectifies their 'ability to discern'; it is a subjectively-driven, self-de-objectification.

The human-childhood ability to "connect the dots" is all but annihilated by the appropriately-named "end" of high school. The conveyor belt "learns away" human knowledge, replacing it with Capital's 'inversion' of knowledge: providing the varietous choice of "ideological stupor" or "stupefying ideology" as your attiring/retiring uniform[ity].

Here, the revolutionary 'will'  breathes again, refusing the suffocation of "the official" and defusing the fetish of the "expert" as an external omnipotent/omniscient substitute for 'one's self as driving subject'.

It is the act of "proletarians" refusing 'proletarianization'.