Hijacking Words

by Anonymous

Mugging and Thugging for the Preservation of Alienated Power

Hijacking words like "socialism" and "patriot" by "the left" or by "the right" impresses less than it disgusts, in the exposed elitism that is at the core of both options of rule OVER people — that wet-dream of the elite funding both sides of this pseudo-opposition whose goal is to swallow up any time and thought not already possessed-away-from our daily lives.

Ruling "in the name of people" is what political elitists do best. In fact, it's all they do, besides hiding, selling, and justifying mass subjugation by the economic elite that fund them.

Their pathological narcissism, about "having all the answers" — that we, the dumb masses, do not and could never assess, derive, and implement — finds them united together in opposing all moments of direct democracy — political and economic — by us.

If you call people "stupid", by calling for "representative democracy" — or its real expression, totalitarianism — then, when they do act for themselves, it kind of puts a damper on your career as absolute and eternal "leader" and "omnipotent benefactor".

Socialism was NOT mistaken as State capitalism by ignorant people; ignorance is what excuses that falsification of the "social", ideologized (or inverted), into social-ISM. This falsification has been wielded by elitists through money-puppets like Lenin and Trotsky when they "turned" the Russian Revolution into a mediation and falsification called "the Bolshevik Revolution": Bolshevism is elitist and vicious — absolutely thwarting and detesting democracy.

Stalin's follow-up experiment, funded by the bankers and finance-capitalists using the UK and US as shield nation-states while they globalized past the nation-state (as is being revealed today via the Rockefeller-controlled EU, UN, WTO, NAU, etc.) have continually been cheered on by so-called and well-funded "socialists", but for a very few capital-aware "socialists" and most anti-primitivist "anarchists".

Party-lauded gulags, FDR "New Deal" work camps, slave labor, re-education camps, and kibbutzes (that is, State-serving "communes") are not merely "socialist resorts" for the politically or genetically "incorrect", but capitalist extraction centers, where human capital is repossessed.

The State becomes a "socialist" bully for the elite, socializing its own[-ing/-ership] needs over its innate enemy: human needs. Is it any wonder that Rockefeller, Morgan, Rothschild, et. al., find so much in common with Himmler's "National Socialism" and with Stalin's "International Socialism" (executing all enemies of "social-ISM in one country", which is merely exchanges the KGB for the SS/Gestapo, and "red" shirts" for "black" shirts). They were elitist (top-down; against democracy; against individual liberty; against social freedom); authoritarian; mass-socializing; capitalist) from inception through disguising name-changes and uniform-swaps to the better-PRed versions sold onto our backs today.

Hence, the kidnapping of the concept of "social" into "social-ISM" and all the contrived opposition to the image of its promise in order to deepen the sale. Simply put, unless you fully understand the fundamental aim of capitalism, as being the inversion of humanity from subject into object, you will also mis-see the ideology known as "socialism" as being the mechanism for that subjugation IN THE NAME OF THOSE BEING SUBJUGATED.

Using the ideologized "patriot" by the "right" side of capital as an excuse for the left side of capital is as ridiculous as doing the opposite. It's the trap that tools never see but religiously zealotize.

Supporting the human rights that shed all capitalist agenda is truly "patriotic". All flagwaving by "left" or "right" moments of the no-sided codependency is simply the same old song and dance held up as new and improved.

Slavery is slavery no matter what color it fashions, or from which side of the same mouth it contours The Big Lie.

Where there is wage-labor there is capital. All "socialism" up to this point has been capitalist. Its movements turn us in a circle and serve [us as] things and systems ALWAYS set against us, running our own lives in a manner called "generalized self-management".