For an End to All Calendars Based in the Theft of Time

The Only Human Project — to Live — Must Become Aware of Itself

by Anonymous

Right on schedule, as every year before Thanksgiving, when unemployment extensions are cut, and false employment spikes feed the Big Lie... the U.S. House has voted each member a  $4,700-per-annum raise, and the U.S. Senate has voted each member a $5,300-per-annum raise.

They also voted to NOT give anyone a 3% Social Security cost-of-living raise for either 2010 or 2011, totaling approximately $660 per year per person, or $55 per month.
It will go to the wars, the generalized wear of the elite against everyone not considered to be elite.
It will go to research and the development of eugenics and enforcing scarcity that will clean the Earth of the elite's most-feared "pollution": human beings that are NOT elite.

Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 each year for two years.
The total two-year loss of income and increased cost is $1,600 ($3,200 for a couple).
Over that same two-year period, they each get an extra $10,000.
You are kept around for that reason ONLY.
Will these marvelous mirror-gazing "leaders" have your increased cost of drugs, doctor fees, local taxes, food price hikes, etc.?
NOPE. No way. 
They have a cost-of-living raise, better benefits, and are salaried for life.
Even after leaving office, we still have to pay them for their magnificence.

The medical plans from any of these 'lords' is nothing like the plan they have.
None of them will drop that plan for the one for which they will force us to pay.
Sure, we are actually paying for their coddled lives.
OUR money is magically turned into THEIRS.
Isn't that called forced welfare?
It has been known as Corporate Welfarism, Fascism, National Socialism, State Communism; under any name, it uses our name to extract life from us for their gain.

Why would or should they care about us?
We never did or do anything about it.
We argue about whatever they pose as the only choice.
They use the monopolized media and political apparatus to snow us time and time again.

Perhaps it's time that we viewed and took charge of OUR self-interests ourselves?!

In fact, the only choice we have that is REAL are those that change ALL social reality.

Rather than complicity behaving the way we have for centuries, we need to toss out the whole structure — with all its daily-life falsifying names — drop-kicking the now-global class of "elite" parasites (and their legions of puppet-whore-thieves) as far as possible.

We can re-invent 'social reality' as an expression of "direct democracy" that directs technology as a means of human-embellishment and mutual-inclusion rather than wealth extraction-and-misuse and hierarchical-exclusion.

The cost of the current Orwellianized "democracy" with its placeholder "lifestyles" for the stolen life-time at the core of a universal brothel called "daily life" — nourishing the few with the blood, sweat, and tears of mass self-sacrifice — is a cost that all life on Earth can not afford.

It's time for REAL and the biggest change in human history.
It's time that we become a self-managed humanity rather than a herded quantity.
It's time that we faced the only choice we: who's going to run our lives better than we ourselves?!
The farce must be dealt with that anyone running our lives "for us" will always and can only run what's "left of our lives" (after they extract time from it as payment for their "services) for the benefit of that parasitism and that parasitic "class" only. That is how it has been and can only be, at our cost always.