Meet the 'Meta-Nazis' Face-to-Face

by Anonymous

Meet the Ruling Faction of the 'Meta-Nazi' Plutocracy Face-To-Face

Watch "Darth Vader" Cheney grovel before his Emperor-Master.

Click on this video-stream:

As you listen to the words spoken, note the following 'Meta-Nazi' code-words, and their de-codes, approximately as follows:

Background Text, provided by link-source, with a few modifications:

Who was in charge of national defense on 9/11 while the so-called president flew aimlessly from one place to another?

Who met in secret with oil company representatives early in the administration and briefed them on the "inevitable" invasion of Iraq?

Who organized the campaign of lies that drove the US into an illegal, immoral, and catastrophically wasteful war?

And who does all these things with total impunity?

Noneother than the real president of the United States: Dick Cheney.

But who runs Cheney?

That question is laughably easy to answer. By the turn of the last century, the Rockefeller family and its associates had a virtual monopoly over the oil and mineral resources of the world.

Not much has changed since.

Over the years, the group has created and/or taken control of a dizzying array of politicians, news media, academic institutions, think tanks and foundations to further its aims.

No one gets to be a serious candidate for President of the United States without being under their control and domination and all White Houses pick Rockefeller employees for its top slots.

Nixon had Henry Kissinger (a Rockefeller agent), Reagan had Bush Sr, and Bush Jr. has Dick Cheney. And on it goes.

Two noteworthy quotes from this video:

"The (Rockefeller) family has a long history of strengthening the bonds of friendship throughout the Americas."

In fact, the Rockefellers are despised by the people of Latin America.

There's not a Latin American dictator that the family did not have friendly relations with.

If a dictator didn't exist, the family provided one. Under the direction of Rockefeller employee Henry Kissinger, the US initiated and then supported a reign of terror in Chile after organizing the violent overthrow of its democratically elected president.

"We are able to go about our business here in the Americas and throughout the world with confidence and security because we know the strength of this government stands behind us."

Our business? What business exactly is that? And why should the strength of this or any government stand behind a private commercial enterprise?

To the public and the press, Cheney is a sneering, snarling mad dog.

In front of Rockefeller, he's groveling and obsequious and Rockefeller rewards him accordingly with a pat on the head: "Good boy!"

Here's the real power in the US. Just look at the body language. It could not be any plainer.