Global Strategic Hypotheses: Towards A Strategy for Humanity

by Anonymous

Ground-Rules for this Document

symbol 12 The mega-corporation-owned, 'Rocke-Nazi' plutocracy-controlled mass media have indoctrinated the American people with the view that all conspiracy theories are, ipso facto, false, and that history is ruled by "shit happens", "random" events and unconnected "accidents". In this effort of indoctrination, they have been aided and abetted by the excesses of many "conspiracy theorists" — some no doubt "dis-information" agents, and agent provocateur, planted and funded by the 'Rocke-Nazis' themselves for the purpose of discrediting all conspiracy theories. We reject this rejection of all conspiracy theories by the agents of the 'Rocke-Nazis', the latter being none other than the perpetrators, we hypothesize, of the most murderous and horrific conspiracies in human history, and whose most heinous enormities are still underway. We hold that power-wielding — and would-be power-wielding — human coalitions of all kinds continually attempt conspiracies to actualize their dreams of domination over their fellow human beings. We also hold, however, that these conspiracies — even those among the very dictators of the dictators, the mightiest of the "high and mighty" — are far from omniscient, and far from omnipotent. Indeed, these conspiracies are highly fallible, and vulnerable to challenge and defeat, by publicly-communicated scientific scholarship, and by the actions of an awakened, democratic citizenry. We seek, by this publication, among our other efforts, to instantiate a new 'conspiracy science', a veritable 'science of human socio-political-economic collusion'. This means that we must hold ourselves accountable for our hypotheses, and for their results, and openly track the failures as well as the successes of our conjectures and predictions. Pursuant to that, we will not remove, but only strike-through, passages of this document that we have subsequently rejected, and/or that have been falsified by subsequent events. We will keep score on our predictions, and add narrative commentary seeking to evoke the lessons of our hypotheses that have failed, as well as of those that succeed, in the sense of leading to confirmed predictions, or that are corroborated by subsequently-revealed evidence. The entire content of this document consists of hypothesis, demarcated by the delimiters symbol 12...symbol 12. Should deductive proofs ever become part of this narrative, they will be derived rigorously from explicit assumptions, and demarcated by the symbols symbol 13...symbol 14.

Key Principle

If you are a decent human being, the revelations contained herein will no doubt make you angry, even livid, as they should. We hope that the energy of your anger will be converted into constructive action on your part. Because of the anger our research is likely to arouse, or to confirm, in you, we also want you to know that we reject violence as a method of social change. Some of the most violent and horrific dictatorships that humanity has ever suffered — the Stalinist dictatorships of Russia and Eastern Europe — were recently overthrown with "miraculously" little violence. The people of Russia and Eastern Europe, preparing their consciences through years of secret, «samizdat» social dialog — years of clandestine circulation of unpublished, critical manuscripts within the very core of their police states — rose up in such near-unanimity, that the torturing and murdering sadists of the "Soviet" secret police and army did not even dare to enact mass repression. That example, of the first successful revolutionary overthrow of totalitarian state-capitalism, and of the «samizdat» tilling of the social soil, preparing the ground for that social revolution, is a key reason for our support of this Global Samizdat website. The same kind of «samizdat» — prepared social revolution will be necessary in the U.S., and in all of the nations suffering under the yoke of the U.S.-based 'Rocke-Nazi' plutocracy, and under that of the torturing and murdering sadists of their CIA global secret police, if the presently accelerating descent into totalitarian state-capitalism is to be averted in the U.S., and world-wide. Nonviolence is a key to the effectiveness of efforts at social change, for violence corrupts its initiators, converting them, even if that violence is "successful", into but the new incumbents of the very evil which they had intended to overthrow, resulting, for them, in a defeat that therefore could not be more total.

A Gloss on Some Recent Chapters of the 'Hidden History' of the Human Species

Now, once again, the further development of our this-time-global human civilization, of widespread prosperity, society-wide education, and political democracy; of mathematics, science, and competitive-capitalism-driven technological progress, "the growth of the productive forces", i.e., the growth of humanity's 'self-productivity', threatens the power of today's imperium: of the iron-fisted 'invisible hand'; of the 'invisible dictatorship' of the oil/finance plutocracy; of the global 'Dictatorship of Petroleum'.

In particular, the advent of nuclear fusion technology alone would wipe out key financial foundations of their rule.

In general, fixed capital-value accumulates in increasing ratio to circulating capital-value as the accelerating historical accumulation of capital-value, and the acceleration of capital-value-productivity-increasing technological advances which 'capital-value-profit-ism' incents and incites, proceeds, thereby acceleratedly expanding the cross-section of vulnerability of especially the greatest conglomerations of accumulated fixed-capital-value, which are the monopoly of the capitalist plutocracy, to 'technological depreciation', or 'techno-depreciation', for short.

'Techno-depreciation' threatens the asset-values of both the plutocracy's directly-owned fixed capital equipment, and of their banks' massive loans, which finance fixed-capital construction/purchase by others — with technological or obsolescence de-valuation or value-obliteration, potentially wiping out the economic foundation of the capitalist plutocracy's political power, which power they value above all else . This is the economic foundation of today's secret, hidden, ruling ideology of 'capitalist anti-capitalism'.

I.e., as a result, that capitalist plutocracy has turned anti-capitalist; has turned against science and technology, and even against economic growth in so far as they all benefit the majority of humanity.

The innermost, ruling faction of this petroleum/finance imperium, the faction of the plutocracy that we call, for historical reasons, the 'Rocke-Nazis', has turned ever-more-absolutely against the popular culture of scientific, technological, public-educating, and middle-class, competitive capitalism.

The Rocke-Nazis have concluded that a humanity that is increasingly politically-democratic, competitive-capitalist; increasingly educated, increasingly inventive, increasingly prosperous, and therefore increasingly independent [more difficult to prostitute for the plutocracy], is increasingly plutocratically, timocratically, ungovernable; is ungovernable by them, despite all of their vast wealth and power.

Nor does this faction hope, any longer, that their long-campaigned-for ["zero", or, really] negative-population-growth, ["zero", or really] negative-economic-growth, neo-feudal New Dark Age can, alone, even with a thorough 'de-education' and 're-peasantization' of the surviving masses under their crypto-aristocratic rule, make humanity again governable by them for long .

The 1990's global "technology-boom ", its [former-]Third-World 'industrialization boom', and, especially, its global'democracy boom' after the sweeping, swift, and amazingly non-violent fall of some of the most vicious and violent totalitarian dictatorships the world has ever seen, the Stalinist dictatorships of Russia/Eastern Europe, terrified them to their craven core.

Widespread prosperity, education, political democracy; widespread popular knowledge of mathematics and science, competitive-capitalism-driven technological progress, and global cultural renaissance will lead to, among many things which reflect blessings for humanity, but are anathema to the Rocke-Nazis, emergence of ever more new billionaires; new potential Rocke-Nazi rivals new Steve Jobses, new Ross Perots, new Larry Ellisons, new Bill Gateses, new Warren Buffets, new George Soroses — who may not choose to join the Rocke-Nazi 'Country[ies]-Club', or to play by the Rocke-Nazi's rules.

The Rocke-Nazis have consequently decided that they must engineer risky "asset-pricing bubbles", through their usual 'reverse money-laundering' techniques, to bring down these potential rivals — the Japanese economy, the Asian "Tigers", the California/Silicon Valley high-tech industry, the internet "dotcoms", etc.

[To understand the current 'humanocidal culminant', the Rocke-Nazi conspirators, it must first be understood, especially in '''psychological''' terms, how and why power is an absolute addiction for the twisted membership of Rocke-Nazi faction — the only thing that, bottom-line, really matters to them; how no amount of murder is, to them, too high a price to pay to retain power. They would, can — and do! — murder their own mothers if mother gets in the way of power. The hyper-deSadean, sadism-inducing tenor of their upbringing is also key].

Capitalist anti-capitalism has lately converged, in their deliberations, with a neo-/crypto-Malthusian, neo-/crypto-Social-Darwinist human anti-humanism. They have concluded that the human genome itself, with the proneness to 'exo-genetic' learning that it engenders; the capacity for innovation — and for revolt — that it bestows, has got to go [except, of course, for them, with their technologically-extended life-spans]. This ruling faction is therefore rapidly readying its 'meta-fractally analogous' pseudo-solution; its 'humanocidal' Final Dark Age; its genomically-engineered "Final Solution to the Humanity Problem" [for which its [initially] servant-dictator Hitler's "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem", and its [initially] servant-dictator Stalin's gulags, were but partial and local dress rehearsals].

The Rocke-Nazis are preparing a genetically-engineered, successor designer disease pandemic to their "highly successful" but mere "population control" AIDS virus, and arranging for a global pandemic that will, quite quickly, once they unleash it, exterminate the genomic human race globally.

Only the Rocke-Nazis will have the antidote . And we, their present human slaves, will be replaced by the race of genomically-engineered, congenitally-servile, pandemic-immune, chimaeric slave drones, "chromosomically incapable" of deep learning, of technological innovation, and of revolt, that their secret laboratories are now so frantically fabricating, with exponentially expanding expenses.

Ruling classes have always had a "hate-love relationship" with their slave-classes; have always hated the resistance of their slaves to their continual rape of their slaves lives; hated their slaves' ever-present threat of revolt, and slaughtered as many of their slaves as they could afford to sacrifice when revolts did erupt.

But those rulers also abjectly depended upon those slaves for the work and the services which sustained those rulers' "lavish" lives.

The Rocke-Nazis now believe that they can put an end to all of this once and for all; they believe that human [bio-]technology has reached, at last, a level such that they can finally afford to exterminate virtually all of their present human "slaves"; the vast majority of the human race.

The Rocke-Nazis are 'the humanocidal culminant', the ultimate canalization of the whole history of human tyranny.

But, perhaps, the very idea of engineering a sub-humanoid species that can work but not learn, serve but not innovate, and survive, being victimized and violated daily, and yet not revolt, is a contradiction in terms. Perhaps the ' partial humanocide' which the Rocke-Nazis intend can only actually be, if "successful", a 'total genomocide': 'human-species-suicide'. And, perhaps, the desperate, life-despairing 'annihilism' of the pseudo-Islamicist "suicide bombers" is but one more sign of this 'humanocidal contra-zeitgeist'.

The Pre-History of the Rocke-Nazi Conspiracy

Former German military intelligence operative Hitler, initially assigned to spy on the "National Socialist" party, was later assigned, with massive financing, to take over that party, and the German nation, and to steer Germany into war with Russia.

The progenitors of the Rocke-Nazi faction, in the City of London, and in New York, feared the threat to their global dominance that a German-Russian alliance, combining German science and industry with Russian science and labor-/natural-resources, would pose.

But Hitler soon perceived his potential to replace his masters with himself, made a pact with Stalin [to postpone their showdown 'til later], and turned on his [former] masters to the West.

Those erstwhile masters had eventually to endure great costs to themselves, e.g., to ally with Stalin, and to institute the somewhat pro-labor, pro-middle-class "New Deal" reforms in the U.S., to enlist their middle/working classes to save the nascent Rocke-Nazi's asses, via the armed overthrow of their former henchman Hitler, who now threatened the nascent Rocke-Nazi's very survival.

The lesser "servant-dictators" spawned worldwide by the Rocke-Nazi imperium so ubiquitously ever since, also tend, like Hitler before them, quite regularly — indeed, "lawfully" — to transform themselves into turncoat 'Franken-dictators'.

Need we mention Ngo din Diem, the Shah of Iran, Marcos, Noriega, Idi Amin, Milosevich, Saddam Hussein, etc., ad nauseum?!

They tend to turn on their Rocke-Nazi masters like Frankenstein's monster; seeking to become the masters of their [former] masters; seeking to make their masters 'former', by seizing the imperium for themselves.

The Rocke-Nazi apparatus must therefore suddenly reverse gears, and rush to forcibly remove these turncoat Franken-Dictators, often at great ideological, political, and economic cost to the Rocke-Nazis. That is one of their greatest weaknesses.

After World War II, it was only the horrific parasitism of the CIA-installed, and CIA-sponsored-and-underwritten servant-dictatorships across the globe [with their CIA-trained, CIA-funded, and CIA-armed secret police, and their CIA-trained rape/torture/death-squad government terrorists, who, on CIA orders, massacred several generations of pro-democracy nationalists throughout the Third World, leaving only clandestine, dictatorial, pro-totalitarian opposition movements still alive], that made ' pseudo-socialism', i.e., Stalinist proto-state-capitalism, so-called "Communism" — which at least promised a little industrialization in return for its brand of totalitarian viciousness — look marginally more attractive. The U.S. government/CIA foreign policy of enforcing "non-Communist" police-state dictatorships throughout the Third World thus served as the primary recruiting force for this "Communism", keeping its moldering corpse seemingly alive for so long, far beyond its "natural" life-span, thus keeping vast corporate welfare payments to the U.S. "defense" industry, and to the Rocke-Nazi banks which financed the deficit spending supporting that corporate welfare system, alive as well.

But recently, the Rocke-Nazis were stricken with horror by the largely non-violent overthrow of the Stalinist dictatorships at their core, in Russia and Eastern Europe. They — aided and abetted by their University of Chicago hired liars, their "shock treatment" social-torturers — engineered, and continue to engineer, a horrific revenge and punishment upon the Russian and Eastern European peoples for their democratic aspirations, subjecting them to Weimar-Germany-like conditions in an effort to discredit democracy, and in the hopes of turning them into neo-Nazis.

But the Rocke-Nazis know only too well that they have to be exceedingly careful, and to not move too quickly, as they move toward their ultra-horrific and ultra-criminal goal.

Were a misstep on their part to awaken the people too early from their divided-and-conquered, Balkanized mentalities and foci — from their ideological slumber — then the Rocke-Nazis would face the same kind of nonviolent, overwhelmingly popular overthrow to which their Stalinist brethren in Russia and Eastern Europe recently succumbed.

The stakes would be so much higher, and the popular motivation for that overthrow so vastly the greater — the interdiction of 'humanocide' — than even in the case of that overthrow of the utter viciousness of Stalinist 'pseudo-socialism'.

Before the Rocke-Nazis can get their "Final Solution" in place, they will prepare the way for it by economically — hence politically — crushing the global middle class, including by collapsing majority U.S. living standards to Third World levels.

They are gearing up a pace for the massive middle class repression that this will require.

In the United States, the heartland of democracy, the last vestige of the New Deal "social safety net", the Social Security system, is being targeted for destruction, along with the remnants of the private pension system. The so-called "War On Terror" is, in truth, the Rocke-Nazi's still secret, undeclared but incipiently visible War On America, as one of the final stages of their global War On Humanity.

The police-state rule requisite to repressing the public reaction to the crushing of middle class living standards is nearing readiness, via the Rocke-Nazis' USA "PATRIOT" Act [whose true name is "The USA TRAITOR Act"], and via their new, KGB-architected "Department of Homeland Security" and domestic/foreign "Intelligence Czar", plus their recent FCC-foisted monopolization of the mass media, and the federally-imposed nationwide installation of unauditable, hackable electronic voting machines.

They reason that, if they can crush what remains of democracy at the center, in the U.S. and Western Europe, they can quickly mop-up its motley mementos everywhere else soon thereafter.

The "PATRIOT" Act's unconstitutional "legalization" of spying by the new 'U.S. secret police' on church meetings and other public gatherings of U.S. citizens; of secret police surveillance of U.S. citizen's reading choices at libraries and bookstores, with prosecution of librarians and bookstore owners who reveal that spying; of secret searches of citizens homes, without notification; of declaring as "terrorists" citizens who merely assemble peaceably to petition their government for redress of grievances, plus the claim that President Bush has the right to violate, at whim, the FISA law, U.S. anti-torture laws, and any other laws, by "executive order" decree, and to declare any U.S. citizen an "enemy combatant", thus to strip that citizen of all civil liberties, to incarcerate that citizen indefinitely, without due process of law, without any access to judicial review, to torture that citizen if the President so decides, and to execute that citizen upon conviction by a "kangaroo court" of military officers, proceeding in secret, without even the right of an attorney for the defense, has already publicly proclaimed President Bush to be an absolute dictator, with little public opposition, until the recent Midterm congressional elections signaled the beginnings of an awakening, to their dire peril, of the American people.

The training and inculcation of U.S. citizen soldiers — volunteer, professional and national guard — by U.S. "intelligence", to the warrant-less invasion of Iraqi homes, and the lawless, trial-less incarceration, torture, rape, and murder of Iraqi citizens, will soon come home to roost. The video tapes documenting the worst of the crimes against human rights committed at Abu Graib, and throughout Iraq and Afghanistan, and in other nations across the globe as well, under the auspices and the orders of U.S. "intelligence", have not been shared with the American people by "their" government. We were shown only the humiliations. The videos of the tortures, the rapes, and the murders of Iraqi citizens have been withheld from us.

Soon it will be American citizens, stateside — any who dare to disagree with the gathering Bush/Rape-[the-]Public-an dictatorship — whose homes will be invaded in the wee hours; who will be incarcerated without warrant, without due process of law; tortured, raped, and murdered by Bush's 'New Gestapo' — if the American people fail to awaken from their denial, and to put a stop to Bush's pseudo-Christian, plutocratic-theocratic, totalitarian destruction of their nation, and of the rest of the world.

The American People Face an Horrific 'Karmic Reflux'

If the American people continue to slumber, and to allow their Rocke-Nazi-prostituted, Rocke-Nazi-perverted government to visit servant-dictator rapacious tyrannies upon their fellow human beings in the Third World and, indeed, worldwide, then they will reap what they have sown; they will reap a like rapacious tyranny in their own lives, in their own homes, in the USA. They will so reap because the predictably desperate, suicidal, terrorist violence of the reaction to those tyrannies by those fellow human beings — by those anti-democracy Third World clandestine combatants who are left alive after the pro-democracy nationalists have been massacred by those CIA-servant tyrannies — including their counter-attacks upon the U.S., will be used, by the Rocke-Nazi-captured U.S. government, as an excuse to complete their de facto repeal of the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights already underway, and to institute a fundamentalist, terrorist, totalitarian, pseudo-Christian theocratic police-state in the U.S., as a 'karmic' mirror-image of the fundamentalist, terrorist, totalitarian, pseudo-Islamic theocratic police-states that the Rocke-Nazis have already engineered and provoked in the Third World, via especially the Saudi branch of their global Dictatorship of Petroleum.

Along the way to their "Final Solution", the Rocke-Nazis will turn all of Terran human society, everywhere, into Beirut, into Palestine, into Somalia, into Afghanistan, into Iraq — into One Big Concentration Camp, globally. The Rocke-Nazis will try to turn the whole world into Pol Pot Cambodia, into Sarajevo, into Bosnia, into Chechnya, into Somalia, into Haiti, into East Timor, into Columbia, into Argentina, into Ruwanda, into Myanmar, into Darfur, into post-tsunami Bonder Ace, into post-earthquake Kashmir, into post-Katrina New Orleans, into Lebanon. All these have been but their dress rehearsals.

The Rocke-Nazis are masters of mass manipulation, masters at dividing and conquering, at profiling the American people mass-psychologically for the weaknesses that they can exploit; masters at the [cf. Bamford] "Operation Northwoods"-style fabrication of "events", by which they can fool us into..., e.g., going to war over which end of the egg we open [cf. Swift].

Political checks and balances against governmental abuse of political power, such as those built into the Constitution of the United States, fail once the unchecked economic power of the plutocracy, via their "lobbyists", etc., burgeons to the point where it can prostitute the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, buying them outlock, stock, and barrel!

If the people of the United States lean toward the pseudo-conservative "New Republican Party" [more aptly termed the 'Rape-[the-]Public-an' Party, for its policy of the rampant rape and pillage — privatization, crony-confiscation, and other "primitive accumulation" — against the U.S. Treasury, the Social Security "Trust Fund", and against all other public assets, and, on the other side, of the foisting socialization of private crony-corporate costs upon the taxpayers of the working/middle class], then the Rocke-Nazis will try to destroy the U.S. middle class, and its remnant democratic institutions, via a new round of "primitive accumulation" at the expense of that middle class — via the looting of the U.S. taxpayers' Treasury, and of corporate private pension-plans; via all of the corporate-welfare-proliferating, hyper-rich hyper-re-enriching and middle-class impoverishing policies that we have seen ever since the Bush «coup d'etat».

They will destroy public education with their "All Children Left Behind" inculcation of just one exam — aimed at enforcing ignorance of all else — and with their anti-scientific, pseudo-Christian "Creation Science/Intelligent Design" suppression of even what little still remains of science education in the already disastrously "dumbed-down" U.S. public schools.

The Rocke-Nazis will continue to pervert, into a mass recruiting tool for the pseudo-Christian ideology that they are concocting — so as to drastically deepen our already-egregious ideological enslavement — the healthy reaction against the rampant growth of social atomization, social alienation, anomie, and demoralization, under the ever-intensifying substitution of the cash nexus for all other forms of human involvement and connexion, in this society of estrangement, of universal alienation, universal selling, universal prostitution. They will substitute the false community of their ideologically fascist pseudo-Christian congregations for the true and democratic human community that people crave. The Rocke-Nazis are ever trying to twist this humane reaction into yet further fodder for their New Dark Ages pseudo-Christianity; for a fundamentalist, theocratic-totalitarian dictatorship, with its 'New Inquisition', mirror-opposing the maniacal pseudo-Islamic fundamentalism that they have also covertly created.

After the "Soviet Union" dissolved, the Rocke-Nazis desperately needed a new "national security threat", to "justify" the re-escalation of "Defense" spending corporate welfare, of Federal deficits and public debt, with the vast taxpayer-borne burden of the debt-service payments they generate [more corporate welfare to the giant Rocke-Nazi banks, which "loan" the U.S. government the money to finance the deficit], and to help "justify" their «de facto» repeal of the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

Of course, any 'Rape-[the-]Public-an', oil-executive-staffed regime worthy of the name "will look the other way" on anti-price-fixing law enforcement when its buddies in the Rocke-Nazi oil companies raise oil prices, due to "oil shortages" from "greater demand", of course, despite the end of the Iraq oil embargo, and the potential, and partially-actualized, return of the huge Iraqi oil supply to the world market!

So, the Bush public tax cuts for the rich are seconded by his secret, 'private tax' hikes for the rest of America, via the oil companies' price-fixing "taxation without representation".

It has, until recently, seemed so much easier now than ever before, today, for the Rocke-Nazis to rule, and to race toward their "Final Solution" , via the ideological infrastructure they have lately fabricated, and now operate, via their ' Rape-[the-]Public-an ', mostly unwitting, and, to the Rocke-Nazis, "untermenschen" agents; the 'drooling greedies'; the hyper-hypocritical, pseudo-"Christian", money-worshiping, Mammon-idolizing, money-obsessed/status-obsessed "New Republicans", than it was before, trying to foist their 'Meta-Nazi', " People are Pollution" neo-pseudo-religion of 'Earth-ism' via the Democratic Party.

After all, the Rocke-Nazis' ancient, Roman-imperial progenitors succeeded in bringing off a Dark Ages once before, using an earlier version of pseudo-Christianity [one also diametrically opposed to the actual teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, in theory and, even more massively more so, in practice].

The "Old", true Republicans, and traditional conservatives in general, heeding the wisdom of the U.S. Founding Fathers, and 'Founding Mothers', about how human beings cannot be trusted with unchecked power; about how "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely", worried about, and fought against, excessive, unbalanced concentrations of power, in the federal government, and in private, mega-corporate behemoths as well.

Not so, the "new" Rape-[the-]Public-ans!

The Rape-[the-]Public-ans are all for ' Corporate Stalinism'; 'Private and Privatized Stalinism'; the global, public dictatorship of the private bureaucracies which rule those "inter-national", "multi-national", "trans-national" — indeed 'meta-national' — formations which are, after all, global command economies internally, however much they [pretend to] "compete" against one other, in so-called "free markets", externally.

Should the people of the United States, in revulsion, reject the Bush Rape-[the-]Public-ans, and lean back toward the "Democratic" Party, then the Rocke-Nazis will simply switch ideological gears, and endeavor to collapse U.S. living standards to Third World levels, destroying the U.S. middle class, and its remnant democratic institutions, via "Carbon Taxes" and other "zero [i.e., negative] economic growth", "zero [i.e., negative] population growth" policies.

The Rocke-Nazis will then endeavor to destroy public education via a recrudescence of their already-deployed anti-science, anti-technology, neo-Luddite pseudo-religion of "Earth-ism".

They will aim to pervert the healthy popular reaction against capitalism's rampant, accelerating production of pollution, etc., externalities, and its rapacious destruction of the natural basis of human society, into a "back to nature" social atavism; a " People are Pollution ", neo-Nazi, pro-Dark Ages neo-/crypto-feudalism, justifying global genocide on pseudo-"ecological" grounds.

Different ideological means, same ends.

Some commentators have noted [including Julian Simon, who met with an untimely demise] that these "Small is Beautiful", anti-population, and pro-poverty movements are bankrolled by the biggest of the big, i.e., by the Rocke-Nazi-run foundations and corporations.

The people of the United States, in cooperation with the rest of the people of this world, must put a stop to the Rocke-Nazis' "Final Solution", or the Rocke-Nazis will surely put a stop to all of us — to our futures, to our children's futures, and to our children's children's futures.

If the Terran human species cares enough for and about itself, then it surely can thwart the Rocke-Nazis' plan, creating, in the same process, a this-time-global renaissance of humanity.

Those who do not care enough are, helplessly, defenselessly, headed down the drain of history, together with the Rocke-Nazis. For, should the Rocke-Nazis "succeed" in implementing their "Final Solution", then planet Earth will have failed its 'meta-Darwinian Planetary Selection Test'. Then, before much longer, this whole planet will perish in the imminent end of the current interglacial, in a final resumption of the Pleistocene Ice Age, that only such a global renaissance, a renascent leap forward in human cognition, in science, in technology, and in civilization entire, could have averted!

What the rest of Terran humanity now faces, in its face-off with the Rocke-Nazi faction, is a global, planet-wide test of its ethical fitness to survive.

It is dangerous to assume that the Bush 'Meta-Nazi' regime will relinquish power at the end of Bush's term. An incident may be manufactured, à la Hitler's burning of the Reichstag, and àla the Rocke-Nazi's "Operation Northwoods" [see James Bamford, Body of Secrets, Anchor [NY: 2001], pages 80-91], which the Bush regime will use to "justify" suspension of elections, of habeas corpus, of the posse comitatus law, and of the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights generally, with imposition of martial law, occupation of key U.S. cities by federal troops and private corporate mercenary forces, trial of U.S. citizens by military tribunal, and concentration camp "internment" and extermination of "enemy civilians" and "enemy citizens".

It should be obvious, by now, to all who are not in hysterical denial, that the Bush regime, and the sinister forces behind it, are operating according to a strict schedule, a 'timetable to totalitarianism'.

The secret executive orders are already in place. Only if Bush becomes so unpopular so rapidly as to threaten the Rocke-Nazis with exposure and total de-legitimation will they scuttle him, as they did, on an earlier, slower track to totalitarianism, with Nixon.symbol 12